Designer Throw Pillows Featuring the Artwork of Dan Pearce

Add a nice splash of art to your living room sofa or your bedding.

All my artwork on is available as throw pillows through the links on the main artwork pages. These are my favorite and the most popular throw pillows…


Prices vary and start at $22. Click the “Get This” link below each pillow for options.


All throw pillows are custom created and ship within 3 business days.

Available sizes:

14″ x 14
16″ x 16″
18″ x 18″
20″ x 20″
26″ x 26″
20″ x 14″

African Lion Fine Art Drawing - Pearce - throw pillow
African Cape Buffalo Art - Pearce - throw pillow
Forest Royal Elk by Dan Pearce - Throw Pillow
African Serval - Pearce - Throw Pillow
Hippo Throw Pillow Art Dan Pearce
Depressed Panda Bear Art Throw Pillow Dan Pearce
Badass Donkey Art Throw Pillow Dan Pearce
Still a Badass Art Throw Pillow Dan Pearce
Andalusian Horse Throw Pillow Art - Dan Pearce
The Night Watcher Throw Pillow
Alpaca Throw Pillow Art Dan Pearce
African Lion Art Throw Pillow Long Dan Pearce
Samoyed Dog Sammy Art - Pearce - Throw Pillow
Bluetick Coonhound Fine-Art Pearce - Throw Pillow
Cairn Terrier Art Pearce - Throw Pillow
Pigs Art - Pearce - Throw Pillow
Bergamasco Sheepdog Art - Pearce - Throw Pillow
Barn Owl Art - Pearce - Throw Pillow